Alexis Bhagat is a writer and cultural producer based in Albany, NY.

Alexis Bhagat works as the executive director of the Friends & Foundation of Albany Public Library and is a member of St. Rocco's Poetry Collective.
He is currently a student of Information Science at the University at Albany.

@nadalex on Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn

Current, Recent & Ongoing Projects (in Art & Life)

Atoms is the first curation at Fahrenheit 451 House since the pandemic: a collection and exhibition of books and ephemera related to nuclear culture. The first month of the project, from August 5 through August 30, will collect materials for the exhibit. Over Labor Day weekend, a bibliography and interpretive zine will be produced, and the exhibit will be finalized. The exhibition will remail on view until September 4. for a curation entitled “Atoms” on view from September 8 through October 6, 2022. If you would like to give or loan materials to Fahrenheit 451 House for the project, fill out the loan form.

Annea Lockwood LibGuide" is a "Library Guide" - a general subject area guide for students and researchers, hosted by the University of Arts London Libraries. I created this guide as a contribution to the Wild Energies: Live Materials conference presented by CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice research centre) in April 2022. The guide was published in August 2022, and I am editing the guide through September 2022. If you would like to contribute a resource to the guide, use the submission form.

Conspiracies is a text about breathing together which will be read under the earth in Rosendale, NY on September 12, 2021. (An early draft was read at St. Rocco’s Readings, June 19 2021.)

ST. ROCCO’S BROADCAST FOR THE DISPOSSESSED is a weekly radio program on WCAA 107.3 and available from Pacifica Audioport. The broadcast is drawn primarily from the St. Rocco’s Reading Series archives, produced by Alexis Bhagat and friends. Thursdays at 2am, Sundays at 11am. (Visit St. Rocco’s Blog for ongoing and upcoming calls and themes.)
NOTE: WCAA has been off the air since late June 2022. The show is on hiatus until WCAA resumes broadcasting.

THE CENTER FOR ENCHANTMENT acts as a catalyst for art making activities at the intersection of song/sound, rhythm, and geography/place. (For example, but not limited to, processions, walks, conversations, rituals, sited musical installations.) The center also presents educational activities that support the production and reception of commissioned artworks and activities, such as artist talks, film presentations, and reading groups. The Center for Enchantment is located on Grand Street, in Albany NY, and seeks to create offerings and collaborations that animate the communities (past and present, human and non-human) of this place. In collaboration with Stephanie Loveless and friends.

POLITICS AND OTHER WORDS is a neverending memoir wherein I remember the meaning of the word “politics” at different points in his life, beginning around age five, and pursuing various tangents that come up. I have been working on it since 2011. Some portions have appeared in large format art prints, an artist book called "Mongolia", and in various journals.

Past Projects

((audience)) founded in 2009 by Alexis Bhagat and Lauren Rosati was dedicated to the advancement of aural arts by providing wide distribution and new contexts for works by emerging and established sound artists and composers. Cinema for the Ear. Pop-ups. Salons & Listening Lounges. Sleeping since 2016, but if you invite us, we will consider it. And if you have a movie theater, we will probably say yes.
An authorized history of Audience and our exhibition "Listen My Heart" may be found in the book, Indian Sound Cultures, Indian Sound Citizenship

An Atlas of Radical Cartography (2007-2012) was book project conceived and co-edited with artist Lize Mogel, that spun off into an art exhibition that travelled to over 20 cities. Bhagat organized intergenerational dialogues on the past and future of maps and the meaning of pictures of the earth in the digital age.

XFR STN (2013) was a “pop-up moving image archive project” conceived by artist Alan Moore, and produced by the New Museum in New York.
I organized the Thursday Night public programs.

AUDIOMAIL was a collaborative project of Alexis Bhagat and Christophe Albertijn that invited a variety of informal audio archives to contribute to the Fahrenheit 451 House Library in Catskill, NY. It was the first "curation" at Fahrenheit 451 House.
[PDF] is a survey of Richard Kostelanetz’s “Audio Art Archive” - a collection of cassette tapes indexed in 1994. The Audio Art Archive was the subject of “Audiomail #1” - the first of several proposed iterative exhibitions at Fahrenheit 451 House for the Audiomail project.

Alexis Bhagat will/has mail/ed an invitation to every living composer/poet/producer included in Richard Kostelanetz’s “Audio Art Archive”, inviting them to send a disc to Fahrenheit 451. The conclusion of Audiomail #1 was interrupted by pandemic. In the meantime, Audiomail goes on and Audiomail #2 exhibit will appear at Fahrenheit 451 House someday. So keep sending in your discs! Want a maailer? Send me a note with your home address. Anywhere on Earth!

Projects from 1997 – 2009 may be found at

UPDATED: August 1, 2022